PORTFOLIO - Fixation Photography

Felicia Garcia


Felicia Garcia is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Her passion for music and her love of photography were the main driving forces behind the creation of Fixation Photography in late 2013. Felicia's goal was to create a domain in which these two loves could be showcased in such a way that would leave the viewer "fixated" on the aspects that fuel her passion. Every photograph is then meant to convey the feelings that are stirred up when completely caught up in the moment... Fixation Photography gives the viewer those moments forever, frozen in time.

Felicia is partnered up with LED Presents and Goldenvoice and has previously worked with Electric Sloth Magazine and the UNTZ Magazine. She is often found at Create Nightclub, Fluxx SD, Bang Bang, and most festivals based in (or near) Southern California. Having also worked with DJ Mag for special occasions early on in her career, Felicia has had the pleasure of working with the best of the best from the very start.
Joining the CRSSD Festival Photo Team for all four events along with the 2016 Photo Team for Insomniacs Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Working beside the best photographers from all over the world, she believes in perfecting her craft and capturing those unforgettable moments.


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